Malaysia in top 10 Asia Pacific countries for phishing and bot-infected computers


Baru jumpa artikel ni. Dalam bahasa English, saya just copy jer coz susah mau translate, hehehe.

Malaysia is listed in the Asia Pacific and Japan top 10 countries for phishing and bot-infected computers, according to security solutions firm Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR). "Malaysia ranked fourth in Southeast Asia (SEA), behind Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia for hosting phishing websites in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ)," said Symantec Malaysia, principal consultant, enterprise security, Paul Woo, who added that the study was in its eighth year.

"In Malaysia, 86 per cent of the phishing website hosts target the financial services industry (FSI)," said Woo. "The motive behind this percentage is financial gain." Woo said the report showed that cyber criminals continued to focus on acquiring confidential information, which could then be sold at lucrative prices in the underground economy."

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